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I have returned from my journey to Ireland and now must make the time to sit and reflect upon all I have seen and experienced, both as a tourist and spiritually. For this was a trip, initiated by reason of a family wedding, that allowed for time to explore a new country, but also one that was to be a spiritual pilgrimage.

Ireland is indeed steeped in energies and I find that she has embraced me and does not wish to let me go. I don’t want to let her go either; I have left a part of myself on her shores.

I was blessed with many spiritual encounters, in places where I least expected them and was surprised at the lack in others. I have found, on my spiritual journey, that often I try too hard to connect, instead of allowing what is to be, to be. When we try too hard we actually can set up blocks to spirit communication.

One lesson that was made very clear to me, while on this trip, was that of Divine timing…

There is a spot, within the heart of Dublin, that I visited in hopes of connecting with the spirits that reside there. This place is called, The Furry Glen, and is known, by those who believe, as a magical place. My first visit was on a sunny and warm Sunday morning and though, I could feel the strong energies of this place, the distractions of cyclist and pedestrians was just too challenging for me and I left feeling that I had missed my opportunity to experience this wondrous location, beyond it’s earthly beauty.

But, as I said, Divine timing was in play. Another opportunity to visit this spot arose a few days later, yet, I was once again thwarted in my attempt. Struck down with a sudden head cold, my only option for that day was to seek refuge in my bed. The following morning, awakening much refreshed, I at last headed out in the early hours for one last attempt.

Success! The timing was right and I soon found that the morning’s visit was well orchestrated by Spirit. To save energy for the long walk back, I had summoned a taxi to take me directly to the Glen, however, still shy of where I was to be dropped off, my driver suddenly asked if I would like to walk in, from about a 15-minute walk away. I affirmed this would be acceptable and this sudden change resulted in my encounter with a stag, in full rut. As soon as I saw him, awaiting on a knoll at the top of the Glen, I knew this was the time that I was meant to experience the Glen, in it’s full spiritual glory.

My stay, this time, was indeed magical and a message regarding my spiritual journey was conveyed to me, as I opened myself to what was to be…

I admit to allowing doubt to enter my energy field all too often; doubt of my abilities, doubts about my path. I expect perfection from myself. I compare my connections with the Spirit Realm to other mediums and feel lacking as my connections differ from theirs. Yet, encounters that I experienced, while on this trip, have shown me that my connections are true. I am reminded that we all feel insecure and inferior at times, even those psychics and mediums of high profile, have admitted to their times of self-doubts. I am reminded that this is “not a competition,” and that we are all on our own individual spiritual journeys and that, if we allow, Divine timing will reveal what we need to know, when and how we need to experience it.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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