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Officialy Area 51 has never existed until Now

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The famous area 51 linked to Aliens bodies, UFOs, secret government projects and conspiracy, officially owns a peice of land in the Nevada. The CIA has finally acknowledge the exisitance of the secret military air base and has made public this week documents with numerous reference of area 51.

Amoug those declassified documents, a map showing the location of the secret base and the descripton of some activites that took place there. Those activities are not as sensational as we watched them on the movies and the well known TV show X-files but apprently area 51 started as a testing site for the government’s U-2 spy plane. The U-2 spy planes were used by the United States during the Cold War in exporation mission around the globe. I uploaded to the website the approved report classified documents released this week. You can download it HERE.


I am a big fan of the TV show X-files and I personally still want to “Believe” that “The Truth is out There”

What about you?

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