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My Visit to Ireland, Foretold…


I learned two very important lessons this past week. First, never, ever, let your ego stop you from moving forward. Second, lessons and messages from Spirit and the Spirit Realm will be revealed, all in good time…

When I started to do my art, in collaboration with my spirit guides, I drew the picture that you see in this article. My human side was not at all pleased with it. The woman, depicted looking down at the church, was so “unreal,” so, not perfect. The whole effect of the piece was not up to my desires to produce “a work of art.” This creation of a church, with a tower that looked as if it were a minaret, seemed odd and beyond my understanding. I almost dismissed the piece and was tempted to throw it out.

But my inner voice bade different and I’m so very glad that it did.

While researching places to visit during my upcoming trip to Ireland, I came across a picture that seemed so very familiar, one so similar to this piece of art that I had created nine-months previous. It was a picture of St. Kevin’s Kitchen, a church in the Glendalough region of Ireland; a church with an Irish Round Tower (towers that were built during the 9th and 12th centuries.) My “minaret” turns out to be an Irish Round Tower and now my piece of art makes sense to me. Looking back at other pieces of art, created during the same timeframe, has made me realize that I had drawn a series of depictions of the region of Glendalough.

My ego had almost gotten the better of me, nine-months ago. It still squirms at displaying this piece of art now. Ah, being human sure tests one’s resolve to follow the direction of Spirit. I’ve pledged to share my journey for others to learn what they may, so here I will share my “not so perfect” art with you, along with my amazement at how I was being shown where I needed to make a pilgrimage. What I will find when I reach Glendalough is a mystery that I anxiously anticipate solving.

I have mentioned, many times before, how messages from our Higher Self, our intuition, and from the Spirit Realm can be so very subtle, so easy to miss and to dismiss. I have been shown, once again, how we are being shown our way, and of how we are never alone. All we have to do, is to get out of our own way…



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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