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Puzzle Pieces…


When I started working, in ernest, to develop my spiritual connections and mediumship abilities, I asked for two things. First, I wanted contact with my guides to be more tangible and second, to find a mentor who could help me become closer to my guides.

Prayers answered….

Last summer, I was directed, by my guides, to connect with a medium who very quickly became my mentor, teacher and friend. Lynda, my mentor, is a wonderful match to my personality and spirituality; her manner of contact with her guides has helped me to embrace mine more fully and most importantly, tangibly!

Shortly after the cementing of this relationship, I found myself fulfilling another mentor’s (i-Spirit’s Fabien Peyrot) vision, one of my conducting mediumship through art. Much to my delight, I found that I had three, very anxious, spirit guides ready to work with me.

Through trial and error, we have found that using watercolor paint on canvas prepped for oil or acrylic paint works best to convey their messages, as the paint can be manipulated easily. What might start out looking like a man might soon morph into a woman or an animal. When I feel “life” in the image, I know it is complete. Most days, a piece of art will be completed in moments. When I struggle for clarity, I know I am not connecting with my guides effectively or, that I have tried to “take charge.” The time must be right or the result will leave me empty.

Not being trained in art, but always wishing that I could be an artist, this form of mediumship has been rewarding on many levels. Of the over 500 pieces of art that I have produced in the past nine months, many have told their story quickly but most have required the direction and urging from my mentor as part of my learning journey. Then, there are those pieces that have waited, for just the right time, to let me know their true meaning.

My three spirit guides have chosen colors unique to them and they also have their own particular styles. I have one who loves the colors pink and red and she talks of love, both physical and emotional. Another uses various shades of green, orange and blue and his stories cover a wide range of topics.

But there has always been one special guide, one whom has touched my heart from the very first picture that he gave me, that of a representation of his passing from this earth plane following a grizzly attack. Until now, I had always referred to him as “brown guide” because his choice of color was a particular shade of brown.

But before I go on…

Let me tell you of the moment, when I realized that I could communicate with spirits through my paintings, that I asked for my son, in spirit, to talk with me. What I received from him was an “I O U” spelled out very clearly. This surprised me, and I asked, “What do you feel that you owe me?” He proceeded to show me a representation of himself as a grown man, sporting a heart in the iris of his eye! He chose the color purple, a spiritual color, and gave me a story of his short time with me on the earth plane and of his growing up in the Spirit Realm. When I would connect with my son, for a message from him, he would continue to use that same color, so I was astonished at a new revelation that happened recently.

I had completed a depiction of a man, using the color brown, and was discussing this art with my mentor, Lynda, when she immediately felt a pain in her arm. She asked if that type of pain had any relevance that I could think of. Words from another medium, when talking of my son, instantly came to mind. “Did your son have something wrong with his arm?” My son was miscarried, so I have no idea if this would have been the case, but this remembrance came to me as a very clear response to Lynda’s query. Lynda received clarification, from her guides, that the person I had depicted was actually my son.

I was confused, not only due to the color chosen for this piece of art, but the look of this man was very different from previous depictions of my son. One thing that I did not mention to Lynda, but that caught my attention, was that there were scratch marks on this man’s cheek.

The following day, I asked to talk with my son, through my art, and a grizzly paw quickly appeared. I thought this to be odd, until the next depiction that surfaced was of “brown guide,” laying out as in that very first picture of him. In that piece, he also had scratch marks on his face, from the bear attack. Whenever brown guide would show himself to me, in my art, he always bore those marks to identify himself….

Now I knew why I had such a strong and immediate emotional tie to this guide, he is my son. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together…


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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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