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Music Touches Our Soul…

Recently, I viewed a series of DVDs of the music of the ‘60s, created by PBS, that took me back to my teenage years. As I watched the audience relive their youth, singing and dancing to the notes of their formative years, I was drawn to look through pictures of those early days of my life. Days of promise, days of seemingly unending years ahead to explore and to grow. Days soon to be altered and challenged.

Early dreams were fulfilled, then shattered. New dreams blossomed into reality, again, only to be dissolved. Like the flower that opens each morning and closes its petals at night to shelter its core, we also start each new day with hope only for the sun but we also require the rain to quench our thirst. We too need to turn ourselves inwards, at the end of the day, to absorb our lessons and to protect our core.

I find, when merging with the vibrations of music, I am able to recapture that which means the most to my soul. I rebalance and rejuvenate my centre, reigniting my soul’s spark. That day, watching the oldies being performed by the original artists, I danced myself back into the joy of those early years. Looking through my pictures, I wept for the part of me that I had lost.

Reconnecting to and reincorporating those parts of our souls that we have left along the shores of our journey is an important task for our soul’s growth. We must learn from our past but we should not be held back by it. We are who we are because of it, but it is what we make of our present that will determine our future.

I am a being of vibration, of emotions, of the psyche. Music stirs my very core, my heart, my soul. The sounds of the ‘60s that resonated with me were of the softer tones, the ones of love, of play and of promise. The harshness of hard core rock jarred at my ears but there were times when it rang true and awoke parts of me that needed to feel things more passionately.

Each new generation finds their own rhythms and rhymes, ones that reflect their time on this earth plane. Parents not understanding what rings true for their children is an all too familiar cycle. Music reflects the energies of the time and of the place where it is born. The wider that our appreciation for various genres is, the broader our appreciation for our differences becomes.

My parents were much older than those of my peer group and I grew up with an appreciation for the music of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s. Different though all music may seem, it all stems from one soul yearning to reach out and touch the soul of another; to share the vibrations of their being.

I started this musing after listening and dancing to the sounds of my youth and I complete it resonating to the vibrations of my antique Tibetan singing bowls… I am one and I am all.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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