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Through the Eye of the Camera


What are those strange things showing up in my photographs you may ask?

Are they round? white? Rainbow Coloured? Or maybe they seem to have a face peering out at you? Do you see a whole person? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are correct. If you answered, “I’m not sure?” you are correct as well.

How can both answers be correct? Well, it’s because Spirit shows itself in many ways. Spirit can show it self through art, it can show up out of the blue, slam a door behind you and it can even show itself through the steam in the bathroom after a hot shower. Most importantly, spirit can show itself in different ways to different people looking at the same photography.

Ever wondered why you took a certain photograph or why that photography turned out the way it did, even though that wasn’t your intention. Well, that is spirit speaking to you.

We are all energy – even the camera you carry around with you is energy and especially now with cameras being digital. Being digital makes them very powerful tool and that is why spirit is showing up so intensely as of late or seemingly so….

Now back to more than one spirit presenting itself in a photograph.

Digital cameras no matter the strength can be a powerful tool in capturing spirit. That is why more than one entity will appear in any given picture sometimes.

Example: What do you see? The first photograph is the original. The second and third are close-ups of the same photo just zoomed in a bit.

orbs_1  orbs_2  orbs_3

This is an example of being one with Mother Earth, yourself and having a prayer of intention. These three elements are key in capturing Spirit, fairies, orbs and more…Yet, they are imperative in being able to identify once they are uploaded to your computer.

Your prayer of intention is an absolute must since without that Mother Nature, Spirit and yourself will have no idea what you are trying to accomplish. You want to be there out of love and light, respecting everything and everyone around you.

In truth you transcend into a meditative state of mind – being in that state of silence and one with all that is around you will allow the outside banter to diminish and complete go away in that moment and time. This can be a conscious state where you are aware that this is what you are doing, or it can be something that you do not realize is happening at the time. If it’s the later you could recall saying to yourself….”hmmmm, that was weird, time felt to slip away.” Or “what just happened there?”

When working with a Reiki Practitioner or any other energy based modality – your practitioner is being helped by Spirit. In the case of Spirit Photography, spirit is working through you and with your camera, yet another reason that there may be multiple beings, orbs, spirits, figures, etc…in one photo.

Being in that meditative state and/or having your prayer of intention will also allow you to see the whole picture (no pun indented) as opposed to one specific thing that brings itself to the forefront of the photograph. If you lead with your ego you will not be able to see all that Spirit has to offer at that given time.

What if I don’t have a fancy, dandy camera you ask? Truly, like ego – you don’t need one, although I do recommend having a camera with a high resolution.

This is where I will take leave….
Wait, you want to know what is in that photograph that I used as an example. In truth, it doesn’t matter what I see – sometimes what I see and what you see are completely different. It doesn’t mean that either of us is wrong. It means that spirit had differing messages for us both. I will say that it took a few people looking at this picture for me to see all of what it has to offer.

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About the Author

About the Author: By definition, Metaphysical means: of or relating to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the senses. It can also mean supernatural. When it comes to photography, well – photography is the art of processing images. Metaphysical Photography is the art of capturing that supernatural or unexplained image. It is also known as: Ghost or Spirit Photography. Over the years I have taken thousands of photos from all over the world. Similar oddities were showing up in my photos until one day I tried to figure out what was going on. I showed these – orbs (which I can now place a name to) and unexplained figures to friends and family, until one day I sent an email and a few of my pictures to Jeffery Wands. Mr. Wands is a fascinating man, who is a psychic medium out of New York. He has written books, has his own radio show and in fact, I came across him while watching a show that he was being interviewed on A & E. This was his reply: Thanks for being patient. I definitely see energy, a little boy up by the shack as well as an older man. These are some of the best pictures I have seen to date. Where did you take them, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for sharing them with me. Regards, Jeffrey Wands Since then I have explored this world and have ended up teaching workshops and giving presentations on Ghosts and Orbs in Photography. At the end of each workshop/presentation I have a question and answer period where audience members will show me their photos and we’ll have a discussion on what I see and feel, what they see, what others see – at times it can be quite interesting. I now take people out into the community and teach them how to use their intuition to capture ghosts and orbs - "Spirit." .

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