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I recently experienced two events that shook me to my very core and made me look closely at the issue of trust. Trust has many arms. There is trust in oneself, trust in your relationships; trust in theirs back to you. Trust that the path you have chosen is for your higher good. Trust in your guidance, your guides, your teachers. Trust in Spirit.

Both of these events had surfaced due to misunderstandings, misunderstandings that weren’t brought out into the open to allow them to clear before damage to friendships dug deep. Both instances came about due to fears and insecurities and blossomed into untrue imaginings, ending in a loss of trust.

I was taken off guard by both of these events. Had I done something wrong, even inadvertently? Thankfully, no, I hadn’t. But my trust in myself and my journey was shaken by their so easily losing trust in who I am. After the initial shock to my system, I realized this loss of trust was part of their journey and was not due to an injustice done to them on my part. Relationships are always tested as we grow and change….or not. Sometimes, Spirit has a way of making us partake in lessons that we don’t always understand.

A while back, I partook in a past-life regression and on that journey back in time, I was able to re-experience a life where my fear of success was clarified for me. This fear was the end result of having put my beliefs, family and village out in the open. I had created an environment where souls anxious to learn the ways of spiritual living could come and share and grow. This village and my family was destroyed by those who wished to suppress this way of being. I learned, in that previous life, to nurture the fear of standing out in this world, of being different, of following a path that was not always understood and was feared.

Whether or not this past-life experience was real, or not, doesn’t matter, as it is just as valid as an analogy for the fear of success stemming from standing out from the crowd, of being different. To trust in ones journey, one must trust in their guidance, to follow their path no matter how difficult it may be.

I have put myself “out there” and it has made me vulnerable and has tested my trust in Spirit, in my journey and in myself. It is surfacing some hard lessons and uncomfortable experiences. For an instant, I must admit, the desire to run, run fast and far, from this new life was strong. Then I looked into my soul and saw that it was fear trying to get the upper hand again. Fear has no power over me. Trust has doused the flames that tried to lick at my heals once again.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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  1. From i-Spirit Facebook page:

    Frank Verkley: I have often heard people say they have a fear of success. I’ve studied that and have come to the conclusion that it is a misguided perspective. It is often a fear of being different, a fear of speaking up, a fear of not setting boundaries because what will the “other” say etc. We all love success as it is the core of our self perspective. We deserve a good and full life, one in which we can become all of what we can be. When I stripped away all of those other fears in my life I found the fear of success was a cleaver diversion from the real issue. I hate to say it but I’ve observed that it is the ultimate justification for staying stuck in ones life and giving it some sort of legitimacy to continue so.


    Maureen Lancaster: Hi Frank, I found that the particular fear of success that I experienced, was thankfully not one that ever held me back from being different, I’ve always prided myself in my being different, I like who I am. I have been a success, in my definition, yet it was the fear of being misunderstood and becoming a target to another’s insecurities that has always troubled me. I have experienced this a few times in my life. Being different scares some people. I can handle what is thrown my way but always feared for those close to me (hence the village scenario mentioned in my article). People fear what they don’t understand. I’ve been told my openness and naivety is attractive to some, but can be misunderstood and feared by others. The human ego is a difficult animal to control for some, and I have found that indeed, “”Money is the root of all evil, and when someone feels their status or income is threatened, they can invent the craziest “realities”. It is the way of the earth plane. That is why we are here to learn and grow. Thanks again for your input and thoughts! Namaste.

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