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“If he was like that while on the earth plane, then why would you think he would be any different on “the other side?” I was posed this question by my native seer when I was asking advice on some difficulties that I was having with my husband’s spirit. A very intriguing and important question that we need to ask whenever we receive messages or contact from our deceased loved ones. As a spiritualist, I believe that the soul carries their personality through to the Spirit Realm, something that I had neglected to stay wary of.

My husband had two sides to him, one loving and one that carried the pain of abandonment and it was this side that settled into my life these past six months. I had rejoiced in the resolution of our earthly issues and embraced our new relationship as partners in my growth as a medium, however, lurking in the background was the side of him that did not want to let me go. The side that was controlling and full of hurt.

For some, there is an assumption that once one crosses over and reviews their life on the earth plane, that they leave behind any negative traits and only come to us with loving intent. Hopefully, yes, when one’s life is reviewed, one will then realize where lessons still need to be learned, they will understand where they erred, but for some, this may be just as difficult in the Spirit Realm as it was on the earth plane.

Also, what might be passed along to us from a spirit on the other side might well be done with loving intent, but it is still done with their perception of what is best for us. We need to stop and ask ourselves, “Does this message feel right for me?” There is a well-known piece of advice we are asked to use when evaluating a news item or study that has been conducted on a particular subject – “Consider the source.” By doing so, we can take a responsible and educated stand on what we hear.

Discernment needs to be an important component of spirituality and spiritualism.

Some of the lessons we learn on our spiritual path are difficult ones and result in shaking up our perceptions. In my vigor to reach peace with my husband, I inadvertently allowed myself to accept “all” of him back into my life. Slowly, but surely, my guides showed me what was happening and I have been able to step back and see the whole picture.

In sharing this experience, I hope not to tarnish any loving contact that you may have personally experienced, but simply wish to open your eyes to possibilities you may not have been aware of. I have had to institute some “tough love” for the present time and I send energies of healing and love to my husband to help him to heal what needs be.

Our ability to stay connected to our loved ones is a true blessing, one I am most grateful for and I encourage you to seek out reputable spiritual mediums to facilitate your contact and to help you with your understanding of this unique experience.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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  1. From i-Spirit Facebook page:

    Frank Verkley: Since we are all discovering the realities of life and the afterlife we are bound to come to different conclusions. Each of us will believe what we have come to understand. Our belief system is what shapes our understanding and thus our experience.
    I have never experienced a negative transference from the spirit world. I expect only the best from them. It is my understanding that I have control over their existence in my awareness. They have never let me down in their clarity and uplifting of my spirit.
    My question based on your words would be. Is it possible that you carry the essence of the negative experience while you were here on the earth plane together, and it manifests itself in your reality masquerading itself as spirit energy from the other side versus leftovers of the human experience?
    The beauty of spirituality is its never ending evolution.


    Maureen Lancaster: One of the Principles of Spiritualism states that our personalities continue into the afterlife along with our souls. This is what I have personally experienced. The initial reconnection with my husband’s spirit was nothing but joyous but, as time moved on, the controlling and possessive side of him began to surface and grew strong again. I had welcomed him back into my life with wide-open arms to assist me in my mediumship and he grew comfortable in our being together so much. When I attempted to sell the house and move on with my life, he didn’t want the status quo to be disrupted. This was a surprise to me as everyone had always talked of loved ones always being loving and supporting. But, if we are to acknowledge that the personality continues, and that we are always trying to grow our souls, while on the earth plane and beyond, then my experience should not have been the surprise that it was. As you say, we are all discovering the realities of life and the afterlife and it is good that we experience different aspects to learn from each other. Thank you so much for your thoughts, Frank. Namaste.

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