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Opening Doors…


Close one door and another Will open. We have all heard similar sayings, knowing it means that we should not be afraid of leaving behind what needs be, as something new will soon present itself. But oh, this can be so very difficult. Fear gets in the way, doubt and insecurities rear up to block our way.

If we don’t learn to stand up, walk straight and tall, we will keep finding it difficult to walk up to that door and slam it shut. But the question and challenge arrises…what side of the door will we be standing on when that door closes?

Have we closed the door to opportunities and stayed behind it, in our current situation where we may feel uneasy but comfortable in the reality that we have created for ourselves, or, are we tentatively standing on the threshold of something new, something unknown, something that will help us grow?

Two years ago, I closed the door on my old ways and ventured out on my first steps into a life pursuing my spirituality and to healing past wounds and releasing fears that were holding me back. Today, I find myself being taken back to my various “new beginnings” through connections to old friends, reminders of events that have played key roles in my journey and other synchronistic events that have been popping up these past few weeks. I can see the changes in me and also see where I am to be challenged once again…

This coming year, in celebration of a family event, I will be doing something long overdue. I will be tracing my roots; connecting to the vibrations of my family history. A trip to the United Kingdom is in the “cards” as indeed, this was predicted earlier through a medium friend of mine. I’ve never crossed the ocean before so I will take full advantage of this opportunity to tour the sites of my ancestors, the characters of Arthurian and Merlin legends, and of spiritual significance. My first major outing since becoming a widow, five years ago, and so fitting a venue.

In closing the door on my period of grieving and of reconnecting with my Higher Self, I have now allowed a new door to open in front of me and I gleefully step my way through it…



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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  1. weddinglady says:

    Although my “awakening” was less than a year ago, I travelled to the village my father was born in Slovakia and for the first time in years I slept so well knowing I was on the land of my ancestors. Perhaps it is part of being an immigrant’s daughter, but the knowledge that they were all around me was an incredible experience. Two years later when my niece emailed me to say she had reached the village, I asked her to bring me earth from that land which today sits on my dresser in a special container. I have since seen my grandmother and her parents in a meditation holding that land with smiles in their hearts. Bon voyage Maureen!

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