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Happy 2013, Make it a great one


This is the time of the year where you look back to see the good and the bad that happened within the year, deciding to take new resolutions that will strive you for a better year. Spirituality really gives me the true sense of having a good year and I want to share with you why every year is a great one for me.

The 7 principles of Spiritualism and the Law of Attraction have been an eye opener on how to understand my journey and to make every second that I am spending on this Earth plan worth it.

Number 5 of the 7 principles of Spiritualism is “Personal Responsibility”. Meaning that each one of us has free will of our own actions. No excuses or no one else to blame for our actions than ourselves. We are the only one responsible of our actions and their outcomes (good or bad).

That being said, it is up to us to have a great day, every day of the year. For instance, I am spending about 40 hours a week at work and with my coworkers. That’s a lot of hours of my life that could turn good or bad. Since we are all responsible of our own actions, it is up to us to be part of a great environment of work. For example, some coworkers will complain about being short in staff all day long doing nothing about it, while others will work hard together to compensate the lack of staff and still being able to perform their work to excellence. Those coworkers that did work together despite the stress of their work turned a bad situation to a good one by building respect and friendship between them, contributing toward a better environment of work. The ones who complained just had another bad day.

Number 7 of the 7 principles of Spiritualism “Eternal progress open to every Soul” goes along very well with number 5, “Personal Responsibility”. We all have a journey specific to us with challenges that could be overcome by the free will of our own actions.

Since I became aware of my “Personal responsibility” I decided that I will MAKE IT a great day every day of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I am stressed like everyone else to lose my job and pay my bills to name a few, but I decided that I could make a difference in my day and may be others seeing the positive of my daily challenges will move forward in their journey just like myself.

I realized a couple years ago that my positive behavior not only removed a lot of stresses in my daily life but has also contributed to a better health, well being and directly impacted my journey by achieving my goals. I heard later on about the Law of Attraction that simply put it all together. In short, the Law of Attraction says that like attacks like. So if you are too negative and you let it affect you, you may attract more negative people and like wise.

There are good and bad days but by combining The 7 principles of Spiritualism and the Law of Attraction I have been able to make every year a good year. Team wishes you the best for this New Year. MAKE IT a great one!

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