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It Was No Coincidence…

I was contemplating writing about my upcoming first anniversary writing for, when a question crossed my mind. What was that first publication date? Could it be…?

My father crossed over on January 12, 2008 and when I checked back over my articles written in 2012, I then realized the synchronicity of the beginnings of my co-writing with my dad… My first article was posted to this site on January 12, 2012, four years to his passing. As you well know, I am a firm believer in synchronicity – there are no coincidences – so I was not overly surprised at this revelation, just surprised that it took me so long to recognize it!

I decided to look up the energies of the number 4, to see how they coincided with this auspicious start date to my contributions to this blog. The number 4 is about building, hard work and manifestation. It is a number vibrating to the sharing of wisdom and knowledge. It is also the number of Fate. Wow, now wasn’t that just in line with what started in my life in 2012.

So, looking up the energies of the number 5, which is the upcoming anniversary date of my father’s passing, I see that the vibration is of manifestation “in motion.” It expands the energies of the number 4 into adventure, freedom and variety. It is the energy of the knowledge seeker and teacher. A year signifying that I can put all my hard earned lessons into the past and allow myself to relax into this new sense of wholeness that I have allowed into my being.

I come to this first anniversary of my initial article with such a sense of peace. A few months before I was approached by Fabien to write for his site, I had a gnawing urge to share my journey but did not know how to go about it. With the help of Spirit, my guides and of course, my dad, I was presented with this fabulous venue to share my lessons, my sorrows and my joys.

My wishes for love, harmony and spiritual growth go out to you, this New Year. The year 2013 adds up to the number 6 and in numerology, the number 6 vibrates to the energies of harmony, balance, love and truth.

May this year be the year that you find your truths and live them with sincerity.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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