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Endings and Beginnings…

It is a full moon this week and full moons ask us to release that which no longer serves our higher purpose, that which holds us back, that which causes us pain. The year 2012 has also been very much about this same message – allow to rise to the surface that which has been buried, ignored or no longer works for us, address it and release it. The year 2013 is all about new beginnings and new beginnings cannot happen without the release of the old.

The Death card in tarot is very much about letting go so that something new can be born. Close one door so that another may open….there are so many analogies for us to learn from.

This full moon also says goodbye to my 60th year as I turn 61 this week. I look back over this past year at my accomplishments and also must admit to that which still needs to be addressed. This year saw wonderful surprise twists and turns and has also seen some dreams yet to transpire. But it has been a superlative year overall. For those dreams yet unfulfilled, I have been reminded by Spirit to continue to have faith.

Each time I visited over these past few days, to see if the article that I had submitted had been posted, I was greeted with the banner article about Have Faith, easier said than done…? This has happened six times in a row as of the writing of this article. I’ve mentioned before that Spirit can be persistent when a message needs to be conveyed and so I chose to sit down and compose this article to be posted this week instead.

There have been many around me struggling with the energies of release that this year, and in particular, this past moon phase has brought with it. We have one last full moon prior to the energies of 2013 coming to the fore…we need to ask ourselves if we are ready for the new or if fear is still holding us back.

We need to move forward with a strong belief in ourselves, for we are all we have at the end of the day. So many around me feel they have lost their power, they are feeling lost or disheartened. The energy of this year has tested us all greatly. Be proud that you are still here, still striving to grow and to move forward with your head held high. Reach out to that which comforts you and helps you to understand and to heal. You are never alone.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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