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Book: Revelations of a Singing Bowl by Maureen Lancaster

After several teasing articles from Maureen about the making of her book, I am above and beyond excited to officially announce that the wait is finally over!!! This is a life long accomplishment for Maureen and for all those who enjoy reading Maureen articles as much as I do, this will be another reading that will not disappoint you.

A Memoir with a Twist….an insightful look at rediscovering ourselves. Follow our very own blog author, Maureen Lancaster, as she shares her journey back to wholeness following widowhood and be reminded of the Spirit that resides within all of us.

Learn about the importance of honoring ourselves within our relationships and of the tools that Maureen used to find her way back to her “complete” self….. Discover how the spirit that resides within an antique Tibetan singing bowl propelled Maureen into the writing of this book and of “her” message that needs to be shared.

Update: You can now download Maureen’s book for FREE : On iTunes or on our site HERE


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