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What are Orbs?

Are there Orbs (balls of light like above picture) in your photos? Do you think that they are anomalies or the camera is defective? Think twice before buying a new camera!

What you just photographed and caught on camera could likely be a Ghost! That being said, you might want to read the article I wrote on “What is a Ghost?”

Since Spirits live in a different Earth plan than we do, their apparitions take up a lot of energy and that’s why the small Orbs are the most common shape as it takes up the least amount of energy rather than a fuller shape.

Orbs can be displayed in a bright solid form or completely transparent. More static electricity is in the atmosphere the more chance you will have to see a bigger shape. If you have been part of a Home Circle, I am sure you have felt the room temperature quickly turning cold while communicating with Spirits. This type of cold, static electricity atmosphere makes the communication with Spirits easier between our Earth plans facilitating also apparitions. In addition, Spirits often use your energy and the ones around you to build the shape of their apparitions.

I have also heard that these orbs could also be Nature Spirits and Fairies.

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