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Book: My Song, Your Song – A Journey Home by Elaine Shannon

I love to hear about my friends and especially when they have good news to share. I have the pleasure to introduce you to Elaine Shannon that wrote her first book that is now ready for pre-order!

Elaine has been married to her wonderful husband Doug Shannon for the past thirty-four years. They have two children, Kerri and Ryan, and now have two lovely grandchildren Logan and Abbie. Elaine is a Spiritualist and has been working hard at improving her connection to spirits as a healing medium.

Few words from Elaine

Who are You?

It seems like an easy question but I have found out it is not.[…]I thought I knew everything about myself until God asked me to remember who I am. This book is my journey back to finding me; my light within and my God within that light. These are the channeled messages I received to help me reconnect. I am finding myself again
and I believe this book is for anyone ready for the journey home to self-awareness. The journey is not always easy but I think we are all worth the effort.

Do you remember who you are?

And here is a teaser from Elaine’s book, My Song, Your Song – A Journey Home

Your song is forever changing as you change. Love of life, love of
all that is, is a very sweet melody. Your song is so soft and sweet:
sing it gently to all that can hear it. This lifetime is a treasure
chest of notes put together to make a wonderful song of love, keep
putting out love notes for all to hear and the notes may help in
someone else’s melody. My love is boundless and forever, so the song
of every one’s lives is beautiful to my ears and heart. your song
joins in the melody of my song to make a beautiful symphony. The music
of the orchestra plays on and on and makes the most wonderful tone,
the hymn of life. Life and love a wonderful expression of music, the
soul of who we are to each other. There can be no song at all unless
we bring our own notes to the music. Peace and joy be with you as you
sing your song to me. God

You can now pre-order Elaine’s book by email HERE

I will update this post as soon as Elaine’website is up

UPDATE 1: Elaine’s book is now available on most ebook stores such as amazon, ibookstore to name a few.

UPDATE 2: Elaine’s Website is up and running, you can now order Elaine’s book directly from her Website at



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