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Past Lives…

Recently I participated in a past-life regression and found it to be quite delightful and interesting. During my session, I was able to briefly experience several past lives and, one in particular, helped me to identify the root cause of a fear that I’ve carried around for quite some time; one that I can now move past, “should I choose”, as, identifying the cause is one thing, but it is still up to me to do the work to release this fear completely. Not to worry, this fear isn’t one that is life threatening, just life limiting – it is my fear of success…. Hey, we all create our own barriers to reaching our highest potential and this is mine, but not for long!

I have also touched bases with my younger self, in this lifetime, during Akashic Record readings; Akashic Records are known as the energy library that houses all knowledge of our human experience. These “visits” helped me to identify areas of my life that still needed to be addressed but most importantly, they added a new dimension in my knowing who I am.

Reflecting back on these experiences, I realized that in all of them I took myself back to the age of twelve. This struck me as odd at first, but now I’ve come to the understanding that some form of enlightenment occurred at this young age; epiphanies that sent me down an alternate path…. Looking back in this lifetime, I can recall two such epiphanies that occurred the year I turned twelve.

The first was the emergence of my empathy and compassion. I had joined my fellow schoolmates of that year, in taking advantage of the gentle but weak energy of our teacher, until, in one vivid moment of clarity, I changed my perception of her and saw her as a human being, one deeply struggling to be respected in her position of authority. She was doing the best she knew how yet she was totally unprepared to handle a class of pre-teens. In that one split moment, a wave of empathy flooded into my being and I became a changed person; I became her biggest defender.

Later that same year, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. We were stunned and we all grieved together; our innocence about the world was taken from us in an instant. I collected all the newspaper clippings and magazine articles I could get my hands on; I was intrigued by Jackie’s courage and strength during her early widowhood. A condolence poem crossed my path and I forwarded it to her along with my words of support; Jackie’s thank-you note still resides in my box of treasured memorabilia. I had seen true inner strength and it affected me deeply. Looking back, I realize how Jackie’s bravery and dignity set the standard that I would follow during my divorce years later and also now, in my widowhood. I had learned about poise and grace and of how to move forward in life, no matter how great the challenges that confront you.

It is good to look back at your life, to see why you think and behave the way you do; to identify where your strengths come from, as well as your weaknesses. This is how we grow. I look forward to learning more about my past; to understand where I have come from, so that I may move forward with a greater understanding of who I am.

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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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