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Ghost Hunters

There are so many Ghost Hunters shows on TV these days and I am thinking that the popularity of theses shows are due to either people getting more open minded on the issue of Life after Death or they are quite amused and entrained by it. May be all the above. I rather think that people are getting more open minded about Life after Death and these shows are raising awareness of questions toward the Spirit World.

In my point of view, I find most of these shows quite ridiculous and not doing any good for the hard work that Spiritualists have been doing for years bringing awareness of the Spirit World. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ghost Hunting but not the way I have seen it on some TV shows.  Sadly, I find it hilarious to have an entire show filmed with a night camera and having people calling out the ghost for hours in the dark and afraid of every single noise. I just have a hard time taking their investigations seriously. I am not implying by any means that the characters of these shows are not taking their ghost hunting seriously or creating a hoax to simply entertain their audiences. But I really feel like that there is not much for people to think about. In addition, if you are already skeptical about Life after Death, I believe that the way they portray their show does not give them any justice to their work and belief. I also feel that some of those shows are simply reinforcing the stereotypes that we have all heard about ghosts/spirits. This is my personal opinion.

As a Psychic Medium, I have been proven in a daily basis the existence of the Spirit World, so I don’t find interest or excitement to stand in the dark for hours to prove that there is Life after Death. However I have been participating in several workshops and Home Circles that do involve sometimes staying in the dark. But the main propose of being in the dark is to create a peaceful atmosphere and helping us see any phenomena that would had been harder to see in the day light. I personally see Spirit with my third eye (in my mind and not directly with my eyes), so being in the dark or not, does not make any difference for me.

Being a spiritualist is also being an investigator to prove or be proven life after death through history, scientific studies and also events that have no rational scientific explanations, as yet. This is the type of documentaries that I love to watch on TV. They raise so many questions about life after death and extraterrestrial beings.

A couple days ago, one of my friends sent me the above video to check it out and asked my opinion if it was a Ghost or not in this video. She told me that her company just set up a video camera security system and she decided to watch the next day the video recording to ensure that it was working properly. She told me that there seems to be a ghost on the recording, which it did not, happened again. So is it a Ghost or not?  Personally I was not convinced that it was a ghost but it is to early to tell, I would need to do more digging in order to figure it out. I think that it is too bright to be a Ghost but the night camera could explain it. It could have been the reflection of a car passing by or anything moving from the outside but I can’t see anything in this video doing so. In addition, I believe that since the camera is inside on a wall, if anything was moving from the outside and causing this moving light by a reflection, the direction of the light should have been from the outside to the inside and not like the video from the inside to the outside. The only explanation about the direction of the movement of the light that I can think of would be the light being reflected in a mirror, which will give the opposite direction

Open for comments, so feel free to share your knowledge or anything that will help us figure it out.

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