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Book: Spirit Speaks – A Journey to the Other Side of Life by Tania Thomas

If you are into spirituality and live in London Ontario, I can safely say that you already know Tania Thomas. Tania is a talented Medium that has been connected with the world of spirit since her early childhood and has been sharing her gift with others for many years. I am excited to share with our readers that Tania has published her first book! A book about her journey to the Other Side of Life providing the proof that despite our best intentions, the Universe does hold the plan that we originally set out with when we arrived into the physical.

We all have been inspired by books at some point of our life that empowered and inspired us to move forward. I can guarantee you, that Tania’s first book will touch many souls out there by simply knowing how many souls she has already touched for many years in her mediumship work.

Get to know more about Tania HERE and order her book HERE. Enjoy


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  1. I personally can’t wait to read Tania’s book. She is so very gifted, not only with her abilities in mediumship, but in her talent as a writer. It is a privilege to know her and I wish her all the best in this new venture.

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