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Only Love is real….

In my research I have encountered the same message over and over again. We make all our choices in life based on one of two emotions; Fear or Love.

As much as you would think that we would always opt for choices made with love, we must acknowledge that fear usually manages to get the upper hand in our daily life. After all… this is the earth plane, our school, our testing ground. Fear needs to be overcome whereas love is a warm blanket that we wish to enfold us in order to feel warm and safe.

Fear, as difficult an emotion it is, still seems to be the easier route when we are faced with a difficult choice. Fear lets us believe that what we are experiencing is something out of our control, fate or someone else’s fault.. Fear provides a reactive response instead of a proactive one. We lash out, we act rashly, we follow blindly or we cower. Fear makes us give up our power.

Love requires faith, hope and trust in our highest and best selves and in Spirit. It requires a pause before acting; a compassionate response. Love empowers us.

How can you know if your decisions or reactions come from a place of love or of fear? Ask yourself how you feel:

Fear will leave you feeling insecure, hesitant, trapped, ill, controlling and anxious.
Love will leave you feeling inspired, confident, warm, generous, and peaceful.

Fear is our ego trying to keep us from obtaining our highest and our best.

Choosing love is one of those “easier said than done” dilemmas. It is easier to make decisions from a place of love when you are in a place of self-love and self-confidence. If you do the daily work of looking in the mirror and saying “I love you” as author and speaker Louise L Hay proposes and keep up the housekeeping chores of clearing out habits, thoughts and relationships that no longer serve your higher purpose you will find that coming from a place of love comes more easily.

Surrounding yourself with positive-minded people and staying away from negative environments will go along way to changing your perspective. Back away from yourself every now and then and see yourself, your life from another’s perspective. Do you like what you are seeing? If not, are you ready and willing to make a change? Hopefully the answer is Yes and you will seek out new and inspiring people and situations in which to grow with.

Just remember that when you need to decide take a moment and ask yourself…. “Is this decision coming from a place of Love or Fear?”


About the Author

About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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