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Have Faith…easier said than done?

I work with Tarot and Oracle cards for self development as I find this is the primary method in which Spirit communicates guidance to me. I’ve related in my earlier articles the struggle to find my path these past years and the common theme that has been reflected in my daily card readings has been of having faith that I’m on the right path and for me to have patience and trust in God’s divine plan and timing.

Faith, Trust, Patience. Simple words with such power behind them. Blind faith holds no interest for me. Yet faith is what has kept me going through the trials and tribulations of widowhood and of starting back down my metaphysical path. To me, faith requires a recipe of research, desire and purpose neatly folded into a belief system that feels right for me. Just like you test for doneness in a cake by pressing down on the top to feel how firm the cake is or by sticking in a probe to see if it comes out gooey or dry, I find Spirit tests my “doneness” at particular times to see if I’m ready to handle the next step of my journey.

Not only does Spirit test me but I test myself; making sure that I am comfortable and secure in my beliefs and if not, to research and to reach out to those who may offer additional insight for fine-tuning my path.

Faith is a hard task master. I have had many “crises of faith” – times of crying out in frustration or desperation. Spirit is always kind, and once I open my eyes, my ears and my heart again there are always signs of clarification that my faith is well justified. Not only does a clarifying card (tarot or oracle) reaffirm my faith but also synchronistic events will occur to give me a nod that all is as it should be.

Thankfully, there are many more times of feeling a pure acceptance that I am on the right path; that I am where I should be; that inner feeling of calm, of grace. Times of remembering that we are not alone; that we simply have to reach out and ask for help from God, our Angels and our Guides. The answers don’t always come back as we wish for but if we look back with a willingness to understand that we are here to grow and to learn and that sometimes our path will be rocky we can then see the “whys”.

It is too easy to have “faith” when the going is good….the challenge is to keep it when things are difficult, to say the least. If we listen to our intuition, truly listen with our ego set gently aside, we can hear the whisperings of guidance that will keep our faith strong enough to help us through the tough times.

The joy of working with Spirit is found in the rewards of a “job well done”. Being human, we tend to always look for the happy ending, the one we feel will make us satisfied. The trick is to realize that we made a plan for ourselves, before we incarnated on this earth plane, a plan to help our soul to grow. We have to have faith that we didn’t come here alone to work this plan. We need to remember that we will have growing pains along with the times of pure joy but mostly we need to remember that we are not alone – just ask Spirit for help and give thanks everyday.

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Blind faith does not serve your higher self but faith is a necessary part of your journey here. Formulate your beliefs through research and by touching bases with your inner knowing, your inner Spirit, regularly.




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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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