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Speak to me through song….

This is how I asked my husband to communicate to me after he crossed over. As strong as I felt (in retrospect it was only to the outside world), my nerves were raw. I had inklings of his trying to contact me but they were in ways that scared me; the movement of objects for example. I had heard of the standard ways souls attempt to get our attention such as the flickering of lights but at that point in my grieving I still only had “faith” in the concept of life continuing after our bodies die but still did not have that true knowing.

A year and a half after his crossing, I had a reading with a medium who picked up his energy and there was no more room for doubt. It was definitely him – his energy, his words – saying only things that we knew and more importantly, one thing that only I knew, something never told to anyone, not even him! This sent me home with shock that “it is really true, we (our souls) don’t ever die!”

I started reading as much as I could about the afterlife and here is where my guides, and I’m sure my husband, really made their help apparent. Every time I had a question pop into my mind I would be inspired to head off to the bookstore and immediately a book title would become prominent and when I read the book, lo and behold, there was my answer. This went on for three months and allowed me to formulate my truths about our soul’s journey.

One key piece of advice that I gleaned from my reading was that we can ask and control how we are communicated to. We can request for a way that will make sense to us…. I chose music. I’d turn on the radio and a song relevant to a question I would have or the sate-of-mind that I was in would be playing.

Even more interesting was the use of song titles. I have a subscription to a satellite radio station in my vehicle and I listen to a New Age channel. Often, I would get a strong feeling to pay attention to the song title and there were many days when I’d get complete conversations via the song titles. One day, after returning from a visit with my husband’s sister and our having had a conversation on a certain topic pertaining to her brother, I just had to phone her and let her know that the songs, one after another, all acknowledged our talk. It was truly an amazing validation of this method of communication.

Now that I am becoming more self-assured in this new life on my own the communication has abated but not disappeared. Every now and then my husband sends me a reminder he is still my biggest supporter – like the other day when I stepped into the car and the song playing was Rita McNeil’s “Flying on Your Own”. Not only is Rita special to us but the lyrics so matched what I was feeling that week.

One of the most amazing uses of song occurred when my husband passed along a message about the name of a record album. After researching the songs from this particular album I found that they made so much sense to me; telling the story of my husband’s new journey in the Spirit Realm and of mine on the earth plane. Even the album cover depicted a similar scene as the one on my husband’s urn, an urn that I had chosen because the artwork represented my husband’s love of the journey here on earth and of a new path ready to explore. Little did I know at the time how profound that choice would turn out to be.

Spirit communication can be so very wondrous.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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