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Starting Over… How intimidating and exciting this can be

It is a new year and resolutions aside, a lot of us use this time of year to attempt a new start, one without the troubles and strains of the past. Life-changing events also prompt a re-evaluation and desire for a new path.

Personally, I have found that each new decade has brought with it a major change in my life, either through a marriage, a divorce, a new love or a move to a new city. I’ve always referred to these changes in my life as times that I had to “re-invent” myself. I was proud of the fact, that no matter what the adversity, I was a survivor and would adapt to whatever the Universe sent me.

Well, this year I am once again at a point of “re-invention” due to the loss of the last of my immediate family (I am still blessed with my brother and his family but they live in other cities). These past three years have seen the loss of both parents, my husband and my beloved dog. I now find myself alone and independent, free of duties and obligations. Free to be……..what???

After an intense year of self-discovery and the purging of old garbage that was weighing me down, I’ve realized that “re-inventing” myself is not what is happening this time. What I’ve done instead is found myself once again. I’ve gone back to discover that young girl with so much promise, the one who forgot that she was “somebody”, the one who instead gave herself away in each relationship.

I found myself going through photographs that my mother kept and decided to pull out ones of myself so that I could see how much I had changed throughout the years. How amazing it is to see yourself in earlier years and to view the procession of looks; not only altered by dress, hair and especially, oh those so varied eyeglass trends, but to look into your eyes and see either the pain hidden inside or the joy that you felt as your photo was taken.

I always thought I was traveling my life’s journey on my own but as I looked through these photo’s I recalled the times when Spirit was giving me advice, cautions and pushes; some I acknowledged and lots where I chose to ignore that “little voice” inside of me.

This past year I have learned not only to listen to that voice, but to ask it for guidance. That voice is our spirit – linked with the great Spirit – trying it’s best to let us know we are not alone on this earthly journey of growth. Our biggest challenge is to attune our senses to see, hear or feel; however we perceive our higher-self and God/Spirit. I am blessed with the ability to receive my messages primarily via the use of tarot and oracle cards and I converse with them on a daily basis, looking for insights and guidance for the day. They feel like a comforting friend that I touch bases with and in reality they are – they allow me to talk to “me”, my higher self and to receive messages from my best friend and ally on this earth, God/Spirit.

My first step in truly finding myself and not “simply” re-inventing myself was to say Yes when I received the call from Spirit to take up the challenge of finding the real me, of finally and completely clearing away the old to allow the new a place to settle.

I visited a favourite psychic recently and he offered me this advice that you might wish to borrow:

Start each day by looking straight into the mirror at yourself and saying:
“I Am Somebody.”
When you do that you are looking back at God and God is looking at you. You are honoring the Spirit within yourself. This will help you take back your personal power.



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About the Author: Maureen Lancaster, CACR, is a Spiritual Intuitive, Artist & Author .

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