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Dr. Masaru Emoto: Water, Consciousness & Intent

Today at the Sunday service, Rev Brenda Philp delivered another great inspirational reading at the London Spiritual Church, sharing Dr. Masaru Emoto research about the human consciousness effects on the molecular structure of water. Some examples from his works include:

When the words “thank you” were taped to a bottle of distilled water, the frozen crystals had a similar shape to the crystals formed by water that had been exposed to Bach’s “Goldberg Variations”- music composed out of gratitude to the man it was named for.

When water samples were bombarded with heavy metal music or labeled with negative words, or when negative thoughts and emotions were focused intentionally upon them, such as “Adolf Hitler”, the water did not form crystals at all and displayed chaotic, fragmented structures.

After watching this video, you will certainly relate to the Law of Attraction and also understand the power that each one of us have on ourselves and others . Check out Dr.Masaru Emoto website and his amazing work Here

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