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Who are our Spirit Guides? Part 1

I heard about Spirit Guides years ago when I was given my first reading. At the time, I was quite young and certainly confused with all that was told to me in my reading. I assumed that Spirit Guides was another name for Guardian Angles. But I was wrong… After further research, and having countless experiences and reading tons of books on this subject, I can now answer this question. I am going to make an introduction on who are our Spirit Guides and share with you how to communicate with them in a daily basis.

As you may already know, being a spiritualist is also being a scientist. That being said, we just don’t believe, we also want proof. So what you are going to read is a mix of what has been proven to me through my mediumship and what I choose to believe by faith until science proves it different. For instance, I have been giving readings to people I have never met before and I have been accurate most of time with specific details that I wouldn’t have never known. This is what we call a proof of survival, proving that there is life after death/continuous life. Whatever else you are going to read is what I believe by faith and it makes sense to me so far, from what I have read.

As often people confuse the role of Angels vs. their Spirit Guides, I figure that I should clarify this:

Spirit Guides are much different from angels. For instance, Spirit Guides have lived a life of their own at one point but Angels never have. On that note, Spirit Guides could have been deceased friends or relatives that have passed away before we were born and function as a guides on the “Other Side” while we are here, on this Earth plane. Also, Spirit Guides seems to have limited powers compare to Angels. For example, Spirit Guides will give you a gut feeling or a inner sense of a danger but will not act without permission. On the other hand, Angels such Guardian Angles, can and will act with or without your approval and have the power to do so. That being said, it could imply that there is a hierarchy on the “Other Side” since our Spiritual Guides cannot act without permission. I am going to simplify this introduction of “Who are our Spirit Guides? Part 1” (but will Develop in part 2) in the following order, God is in charge, right under comes Angels, followed by our Guides. I won’t get technical on this introduction, as there is so much to say about Spirit Guides. In the sense of this hierarchy, you can pray to God and Angles but no need to pray to your Guides. You can simply talk to them (in your mind or out load) always with love and respect. On part 2, I will talk about our Spiritual Chart, pack/agreements that we have made with our Guides, inner and outer circle Guides, animal Spirit Guides and so much more… I will as well dedicate a specific article about Angles in the future.

Wondering Why Angels are not our Guides?

As I mentioned earlier, Spirit Guides have once been recarnated at some point, which makes them the most suitable to guide us in our spiritual journey. They know what it is to be Human, making mistakes, having emotions, compassion etc… The functions of our Spirit Guides are but not limited to teach, heal, and help/guide you on your physical journey into a spiritual awareness. They will never judge you and let you down. We are actually the ones that judge and give up.

How to communicate with your Spirit Guides?

Let me tell you a bit of my story first, to give you an understanding on how I became a psychic-medium. Contrary to some psychic-mediums that I have met and heard, they have been speaking and hearing spirits since their early age, it has never been my case or I was to young to remember it. I have always been intuitive but no more no less than that. When I received my first reading, I was 18 years old and I realized a couple years later that everything that was said to me in this reading happened exactly the way I was told. It was my first proof of the existence of the “Other Side“. So I started to read as much as I can and tried a couple of exercises in some books but had no luck. When I moved to Canada I went to see a medium that happened to be a Reverent of a Spiritual Church and advised me to stop by sometime. His reading blew me away and I couldn’t wait to go to this Spiritual Church. When I started to go to this Spiritual Church, I kept receiving messages from mediums and I told myself that this is what I want to do. The Reverent told me that several workshops take place at the Church and I should enrol to develop my mediumship. I have taken so many workshops from intuitive development to healing, in order to do work from the platform (Working from the platform means giving messages to people at Church).

So let me share with you how I went form being intuitive to directly talking to spirits and giving messages in a very short amount of time:

PATIENCE is not only a virtue but also a must to have. It took me a couple of months before to see results. I could have taken less time but my Ego was really what slowed me down, as I wanted results right away and felt like giving up sometimes.

GROUND YOURSELF by meditating. A lot of people say that they are too hyper and can’t meditate. Guess what? Every body can meditate and most of you don’t even realize that you do sometime. For example, when you listen to your favourite music and you have this moment when you out there in your own world, that is meditating. I also have a hard time meditating until I find the right music. With practice I went from a good hour in grounding myself and now I can ground myself in meditation within 5 minutes.

LEARN AND PRACTICE. Just take the learning part that empower’s you at this present moment and leave the rest for now. Then practice as much as you can.

DO NOT COMPARE your progress with others. We are all unique and we are where we should be. So don’t be too hard on yourself and keep practicing.

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GUIDES AND LOVE ONES. If you received proof of continuous life then it is time for you to acknowledge them. Thank them when they come to you via messages from mediums or other forms. By acknowledging them, it will help you in so many ways to establish communication.

STOP THINKING RATIONAL! That is probably the hardest thing to do, as we have been raised to see a world where only rationality and scientific proof counts. For example, when I started my mediumship, I tried so hard to hear or see something but had no luck. In fact, Spirit Guides and love ones were talking, guiding and answering to my questions all the time. I realized later that I wasn’t listening to them. I wanted to hear through my ears and see them through my eyes. But they were talking to me via clouds, signs, panels, music, radio, my guts etc…(By experience, they will communicate with you in the way that you least expect.) One day I simply let it go and told myself that I have faith on the “Other Side” and what has been proven to me is way enough to turn something irrational to rational. After I drastically changed my set of mind and finally acknowledged these other forms of communications, I started to develop my clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience etc…. On that note, I can now see through my third eye and see vivid images or things like, smell and hear words etc…

MAKE A PACK WITH GOD that you will use this knowledge for the higher and the best. Never break this pack and you will be able to develop and keep this amazing gift.


I hope this introduction to Spirit Guides inspire you to give it a try

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  1. Fabien, this statement is so very true:
    ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR GUIDES AND LOVE ONES. If you received proof of continuous life then it is time for you to acknowledge them. Thank them when they come to you via messages from mediums or other forms. By acknowledging them, it will help you in so many ways to establish communication.
    I have started to receive tangible proof of who my guides are because I am now ready to acknowledge them. I have been introduced to my healing/chemist guide and also my writing guide and it is a marvel! The saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” applies to our spirit guides too!

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