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Get your Spirit Guides and Angles on painting by Dale Kelloway

A couple weeks ago I met  Dale Kelloway at a Psychic fair in Woodstock Ontario.  Dale Kelloway has been an artist since 1972, graduate of Mohawk College, Plastic and Fine Arts Program, teaching art privately and also at college campuses. Along with art, she has always been interested in the paranormal and for the past five years, the two have been blending together to create spirit portraits of guides and angels.

There is so much to say about Spirit Guides and Angels that I will dedicate an entire article for each of them some time in the near future. In short, they are among us in spirit to serve us as helpers, teachers, and healers to name a few of their abilities. You can call upon your Spirits and Angles at anytime, no matter where you are. That being said, you don’t have to meet Dale Kelloway in person, as she will call your Spirits guides and Angles to make their portrait.

This is a sample of Dale work and how she does it:

When I start this water colour , images and feelings come to me, guiding the painting. Even at that point, messages may start coming in for you and are recorded. This is always a fast and furious beginning that is very exciting for me.

Later, when the water colour has dried, I will start to look for images that present themselves. Some symbols have a recurring meaning, eg. The plume means that this person should be writing.

Some of the images that could appear will be animal totems, gemstones or crystals and dominant colours, all with their special meaning.

Every painting is totally unique and personal. I never know what will happen.

Dale performs Artist Quality detailed spirit guide pastel painting with acid-free backing and matting in crystal clear packaging. Above pictures are examples of her work. Along with the painting, she will also provide detail readings that she will record on a CD.

Dale Kelloway lives in Brantford Ontario and you can see more of her work & services at

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