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Suggestions for receiving a Reading

Being in both situations where I received and gave readings, I gained a great understanding on how to prepare myself and be in a proper mindset prior and while receiving a reading. I am going to share with you some suggestions to be in your best conditions in receive a reading.

Either you are going for a private sitting, reading or public séance, it is important to be prepared and aware of few things:

First of all do not expect a Psychic-Mediums to tell you what you want to hear. It is very important to understand that Psychic-Mediums are not Fortunetellers. That being said, they are not here to tell you what you want to hear, but what Spirits from the Other Side have to say to guide you. The key word here is Guidance, which sometimes comes with answers, hints, proofs and confirmations that will guide you in your spiritual journey.

You might not hear what you want to hear or you might not like what you hear, but you may have the answers of your questions and even have your love ones that passed away to be present while receiving your reading. To do so, I will suggest you to ask Spirits (in a form of a prayer or in your mind) a few days prior to the reading, to provide you guidance toward your questions and also ask your love ones that passed away to be present for the reading. Even if time does not matter in the Other Side, Spirits are busy and do not have answers of all the questions. This is the reason why I suggested asking Spirits a few days prior receiving a reading in order for them to find answers of your questions and be aware that you want them present for the reading as well. As I just mentioned, Spirits don’t have all the answers, however sometime they do have an answer to a specific question but they won’t give it to you directly. Instead, they will guide you; by providing you hints, in order for you to get the answers for your own learning and spiritual growth. Sometimes you will get no answers, as you are not supposed to have them.

So don’t be mad or judge a Psychic-Mediums, because you didn’t hear what you wanted to hear or get the answers to your questions. Keep in mind that negative attitude such as skepticism, arguing or wanting things done your way will only leads to failure. On the same note, do not constantly interrupt a Psychic-Mediums, as you will likely confuse them. Instead I suggest you to follow Psychic-Mediums reading process, be open minded, patient, willing to verify, don’t be too quick to say No, let them know when they are correct, don’t expect for your first problem to be discussed, be relax, expect good and truth. We get often messages that mean nothing to us in the moment but by being open minded and verifying the message, you can recall the spirit that was presented to you or the message can later become a meaningful message that only you will understand. So be patient.

It is important to understand that Psychic-Mediums have their unique ways to work with Spirits. That being said, it will be unfair to compare Psychic-Mediums as they have different abilities. However, I suggest you to ask them the process of their readings to insure that their methods are what you are looking for and suitable for you. In Addition, to avoid crooks, I would suggest you do your research and word of mouth Psychic-Mediums.

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