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End of the World

Apparently folks, today is the end of the World. First thing that came up on my mind when I heard about this was .. AGAIN! Countless of time, we have heard or read on the news and Religious/ History books that the end of the world is coming; where sometime we even get a specific date and time. As we know already some of these dates and times have already expired. Unfortunately the End of the World is a powerful statement that has a devastating impact on vulnerable people leaving permanent and irreversible damages. I am going to share with you my thoughts about the End of the World.

In one of my articles “The Quest looking for God but which one?” I explained that I was born from a Jewish mother and a Catholic father. At a very young age I was faced with the dilemma of finding God. I was told by both religions that if I don’t become one of them I would go to Hell. So basically I was doomed, no matter which one I would chose. Since, my attitude has been very simple; run away from any Dogma and live my life as I want to for the higher and the best. You can imagine that the End of the World’s topics irritated me as it always comes with some dogma, where only few will be saved and go to Heaven. To be frank, I have never been concerned or stressed about the End of the World but more curious on this subject. Of course I am aware and believe that we are slowly destroying our planet with pollutions, chemicals, wars etc.. and one day, our planet may not be livable for humans anymore or simply becomes a dead planet/a star among others. But I am convinced that is not for today or any time soon.

Spiritualism answered a few of my questions and gave me the knowledge I needed to make my own opinion about the End of World. If you read my previous articles, I have already explained that It has been proven numerous times and validated by the greatest Scientists of the world that we can communicate with our loved once that passed away; which proves to us that we are all eternal. That being said, Death is in fact Life and the End is in fact a new beginning/continuity of our life in a different dimension that we like to call the “Other Side” (more info about the Other Side in this Article: “What is a Ghost”). On the same note, this is telling us as well that no matter which religion you were before you passed away, you will be as everybody else in the “Other Side”. In conclusion, Hell does not exist.

Based on this knowledge, the meaning of the End of the World sounds way brighter that what some sick souls out there would like to make us believe. If you really think about it, they always use the same tools to brain wash us by feeding us with fears in interpreting the bible or any other religious book, making up prophecies, using wars, conspiracies and natural disaster as a proof of the End of the World. I guess it never gets old. Unfortunately vulnerable people get caught in this vicious circle and the result of this involvement always end with dramatic consequences. We have seen groups of people killing them self, selling their houses and their belongings, quitting their jobs and spending all their savings because of the End of the World.
After studying and speaking with some individuals claiming that they know when the End of the World will happen, I categorized them in 4 types of category:

Individuals with a Mental illness or disorder: it is really sad but at least we know why they are irrational.
Crooks: they will say and do whatever it takes to take your cash away by targeting often vulnerable individuals at their hardest time of their life, when they have lost hope in pretty much everything.
“The True Believers”: For the few “True Believers” I have spoken with, it was interesting to notice that they all claimed to be great mediums and they have provided numerous times accurate spiritual readings. After investigation, I found out that their claims were true and they were known to be respected as well in their communities. However I quickly found out by simply talking to them that their ego (more about the ego in this article “What the ego means for spiritualist and how to control it?”) took over their mediumship. Because they were able to provide a few accurate spiritual messages at the time, they become confident and stated that every messages they are giving are always right and will happen because they have the gift. The problem is their ego will in fact interpret the original message from the Spirits of the “Other Side” to change it for what the ego/”True Believer” wants him/her to believe. That being said, these mediums that use to be accurate are not anymore and will lose with time their credibility and gift if they don’t fight their ego. I like to call them the “True Believers” because I think they really believe what they say without meaning any harm to anyone even if they don’t realize that what they say could lead to dramatic consequences. For example a “ True Believer” will receive a message from the spirit world by constantly dreaming always the same numbers and seeing a lot of fire in his/her dream. His/Her ego could interpret that as being the numbers of the date of the End of the World and the fire will represent the End of Human kind. But may be the Spirits are trying to tell him/her that the date is in fact the end of a problem and the fire represent purity, meaning a fresh new start such as a Fenix will be reborn from his ashes. It takes time to build a relationship and communication with the Spirits of the “Other Side”. Only knowledge and education through mediumship will strive for accuracy and a clear communication between our 2 worlds.
Followers: they are working for the crooks or the “True Believers” by repeating what they have been told to say without really understanding it and mainly using faith as only source of understanding.

Any of the categories I have described above, have devastating consequences on people even if it was not intended to hurt anyone in the first place.

I hope you didn’t tell your boss to F**** off yesterday thinking there will be no tomorrow, because the only thing that will end is your job. Joke apart, this is me giving my 2 cents on the subject and you are more than welcome to share your thoughts by commenting this post.

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