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What is Psychometry?

I have been introduced to Psychometry at my first spiritual workshop a few years ago and I have been using it since to develop my clairvoyance. I am going to explain to you what is Psychometry, how it works and share with you very easy exercises to practice Psychometry.

By definition, Psychometry is the ability to sense or “read” the history of an object, usually jewelry or clothing, by holding it in the hands or pressing it against the forehead (Third eye).

The impressions that the person holding the object receives are usually images, thoughts, sounds, smells, tastes and emotions. All these impressions are part of the clairvoyance that will explain in detail in my next articles.

Everybody can do it and here are very easy exercises to practice Psychometry and develop your clairvoyance:

Prior to starting these exercises I will recommend meditating in order to ground your self and have better results. The exercises should take place in a quiet place. Of course the person trying to sense/“read” the object has no connection with the object he /she is holding and does not know the history.

Exercise 1 (need minimum 2 people)

1-Now you are relax, close your eyes and ask the other person to place the object in your hand. Do not open your eyes.
2-Now you have the object in your hand and when you are ready, describe to the other person what you see, feel, taste, smell etc. The other person can write down your answers. When done, open your eyes.
3-You can repeat this exercise as many times as you want.

It is highly recommended that the other person knows the origin of the objects to be able to see how accurate your impressions were.

Exercise 2 (need minimum 2 people but recommended to be 6 to 8 )

1-One person will host this exercise. The host will use 6 envelopes were he will seal only one picture in each envelop. These pictures can be taken from magazines, news etc, but make sure that they are diversified. The host will mark the envelopes from 1 to 6 and will describe each single picture in a block note with their respective numbers. The host will be the only one to know the origin of these pictures and the guests cannot see the block note.
2-The host will provide to each guest a piece of paper where the numbers from 1 to 6 will be written down.
3-When the guests are relax, the host will provide the envelops to the guests and let them hold one envelop at the time, write down their impressions, pictures, smells, tastes etc and pass it on to the next guest until they have all of them.
4-When done, the host will ask one guest at the time to describe their impressions about number 1. Then the host will ask one guest at the time to describe their impressions about number 2 and so on till number 6.
5-When done, the host will provide the answers by opening one envelop at the time for the guest to see how accurate were their answers.

It is recommended that the host monitor how long each guest spent with an envelope. The first impression is very likely to be the right one. Thinking too much will involve your ego that tries to guess and that is not clairvoyance. Also, I found that more than 10 people could make the exercise to long and the guest will get exhausted.

I have done exercise 2 several times and it is a lot fun. All guests were very surprised how accurate their answers were.

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