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What is spirituality and what it means to me?

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One day out of the blue a question came up to me; what if someone asks me what is spirituality and what it means to me? There is many answers to this question, but would most people understand the concept of spirits guides, spiritual healing, and angels etc…? How would I answer this?

One of the first things I learnt at my spiritual workshops is if you have a question then ask your spirit guides and they will answer to you in a fine way. So one night I asked my spirit guides what if someone asks me what is spirituality and what it means to me, what will be a good answer? The next day I found an answer, oddly enough I found it on the episode of the TV show Lost.

Let me summarize to you what I came upon while I watched this particular episode: People survived a plane crash accident on a mysterious island and after a while they discover that other people are living there too. These people were referred as “ the others”, The chef of the others is named Benjamin he was an evil person that genocide an entire village. The island happened to be a magical one and in the last season of Lost they traveled in time. The island gave the good people the chance to  travel in time and face an 11 year old Benjamin that was known to become the evil Benjamin in the future, who was responsible of the genocide of an entire village.  The immediate reaction was to kill the young Benjamin in order to avoid the atrocity that he will commit in the future.  I will tell you by the end of this post what was my first reaction to this outcome, but first I would like to share with you a dinner I had with a few of my close friends which is relevant to this topic.

I had dinner with close friends and I decided to launch a discussion. I asked them, what if you could travel in time and face Hitler as a child, what would you do? Most of my friends immediate reaction was to kill him on the spot to make sure that he would never get the chance to commit the atrocity in the future. This was unanimous decision among my friends. They all felt that it was the right thing to do. So I shared with them what I would of done if I was faced with this young Hitler, I would have made sure that this young Hitler was given proper love and take care of him to insure that he will never turn into the evil person we know. This made my colleagues realize that they agreed to kill an 11 years old child. My friends are good people and of course they will never do such thing but they reacted from the atrocity that Hitler and his empire have done to others.

Watching this episode of Lost made me realized what spirituality means to me and made me see the best of such circumstances. Without this spiritual state of mind, I would have had the same reaction as my friends. This does not make you a bad person, most people would think this way and believe it’s the right thing to do. I would have probably reacted the same way in order to prevent Hitler ‘s atrocities. But spirituality allowed me to open my mind and made me see an innocent child not a monster.

In conclusion, if someone asks me what is spirituality and what it means to me, I would simply answer that it helps me to become a better person.

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