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The Quest looking for God but which one?

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Born from a Jewish mother and a Catholic father I always wondered where I belonged. I went to public schools where Jewish, Muslim and Catholic students were predominant. Most of my friends have one religion and most likely one god. At a very young age, I was asking a lot of questions about everything and tried to have an understanding of the world around me. Looking at the stars, this infinity universe, I have always known that I believe in God. I was telling myself, it must be God that created all of this, but which one?

My parents have never forced their beliefs of religion on me and I  have never been a practitioner  either. I have never been baptized or had my bar mitzvah. However my grand parents were very involved in their religion and we spent the most amazing family reunions and religious holidays together. I also went to several bar mitzvahs, baptisms, weddings and loved the joy and happiness that came from these events. Getting close to age 16, I started to have a better understanding of my 2 communities (Jewish and Catholic) and their histories. This is pretty much where I started to get mix feeling about my beliefs  In short, the message I got from both communities are: If I am not baptized and follow the bible I will go to hell and if I don’t have my bar mitzvah and follow the Torah I will go to hell as well. I was so disappointed from both communities and I soon realized that pretty much all other religions had the same outcome. Lucky me, I have been blessed to grow up with an amazing family where both side of my parents have always been open-minded, respectful with others and never imposed their religion on others. Indirectly my family gave me hope and made me realize that you can practice a religion and be happy without imposing any dogma. However my Quest to look for God at this point of my life was even harder and more confusing. Few years later I discovered Buddhism and finally found something that worked the best with my convictions and Buddhism interested me, but not all my questions could be answered nor Did I agreed to all of them. Finally 30 years later  I discovered spirituality and found my god, the God. No dogma, God loves everyone, from anywhere, black, white, gay or not, from whatever religion, there is no Hell etc… In addition spirituality brought me closer to my communities making me understand that there is spirituality in any religion and the knowledge is immense. It is all about how you use this knowledge and interpret it. There is so much to say about spirituality and I will share with you more of my stories, and  experiences in time, stay tune.

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